Sponsor of October 2016 — Gabriela Farnell

«You can judge the degree of civilization of a people
by the social position of women.»
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento,
witer, educator and politician Argentine

Devote themselves to culture, art in particular, is decidedly an act of faith.

Neither glory nor fortune are the true destination ; hopefully one aspires to live decently without incurring too much debt. Collaborate with cultural projects is a way to help our own way of life, specially knowing how difficult it is to obtain financing and real practice support from government and business sphere.

As a woman dedicated to art, supporting actions fighting for equal rights is an ethical obligation. There will only be real equality if we fight at the same level, if we fight facing discriminatory attempts.

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We can no longer leave theories or good intentions to future generations. It’s time to live and defend equality against any attempted violation.

Even of the distance (I’m on the other side of the planet, almost falling down) and backed by a cultural tradition of women who won many of the rights that I have nowadays (Victoria Ocampo, Lola Mora, Alfonsina Storni, Alicia Moreau de Justo), I feel that collaborate with Gender Museum just with a little of what I’m able, means to build a future of full equality and growing humanism.

Gabriela Farnell
Visual artist, born and resident in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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