Sponsor of November — Araceli Corbo García

My name is Araceli Corbo García, @aracorbo on twitter. I work in charge of documentation at MUSAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León) located in Leon, Spain. I love my job, I love contemporary art, I like people, cultures, travel, meet different realities…

I support #SaveGenderMuseum project because it allowed me to know (through Mary Sanchez) Ukraine’s inequality situation well, and the possibility of memory, cultural, traditions and identity loss for a country.

I wish Gender’s Museum could continue with my little contribution until finally it could have its own life, where its own characteristics endorse the recognition of the Ukrainian society, not defeated by military struggles.

A small local struggle, brings strength to the global; interests of a minority are from the crowd; demand equality, free access to culture, protect the memory, it is my responsibility in my humble position.

I am a feminist and I want to defend another project where gender does not make any difference about discrimination and make women visible.
This month means to me birth and life, and I don’t want to leave die what is alive.

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