Sponsor of March The GARCÍA-MÍNGUEZ Family (2nd & 3rd Generation)

Ángela García Dehesa (Guadalajara, Spain, 1993) student, social worker
Clara García Dehesa (Guadalajara, Spain, 1996) student
Germán García Mínguez (Guadalajara, Spain, 1963) insurance broker
Javier Pedroviejo García (Guadalajara, Spain, 1995) student, drummer
Marcos García de Lucas (Guadalajara, Spain, 1994) architecture student
Mª Elena García Mínguez (Guadalajara, Spain, 1957) office-worker
Mª Pilar García Mínguez (Guadalajara, Spain, 1961) office-worker
Marta Pedroviejo García (Guadalajara, Spain, 1990) student, future lawyer

+ in-Laws

José Sánchez Carretero (Blascomillán, Spain, 1957) office-worker
Teresa García Dehesa (Guadalajara, Spain, 1962) medical technical assistant

They are the closest relatives of María Sánchez García, in her mother’s family. And all of them decided to help her with #SaveGenderMuseum as a Christmas present. They become all together the oficial sponsor for March paying the rent for the Museum.

Thank you Ángela, Clara, Germán, Javier, Marcos, Mª Elena, Mª Pilar, Marta, Jose and Teresa!

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