Sponsor of March 2016 — Transilvania LAB

We are a study of brand identity and content.

In Transylvania LAB strengthened and repositioned brands, refresh and complete identities or create them from scratch.

To do this, we have developed the BioBranding method that works the biography of brands as human identities, to help them communicate and grow in the field Omnichannel. The BioBranding is an innovative approach in the classic by which we distill the DNA of the brand through an enriching process that goes through three phases involving teams of your company or institution and equipment Transylvania Lab, which work together to make your identity is well defined and positioned where it can continue to grow, and that their values ​​are those of their public and their workers.

The Biobranding is a process that involves all departments of a company and is a valuable tool for self-knowledge and optimization whose ultimate goal is to convey to the outside the best brand image, the tightest, true.

We think and develop unique projects that transform the brand in the essential value in being in the market and in the world. Because consumers no longer speak, but audiences, we plan to place the brand wants to keep in the memory of the public.


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