Sponsor of June — Students from ‘Art Today’ Course in Pamplona

This year I taught a course in contemporary art entitled ‘Ways of looking at contemporary art’ in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) at CIVICAN Cultural Center. At the end of the classes I knew about #SaveGenderMuseum project and I thought that I could not stay with my arms crossed.

Active feminist in 60’s and 70’s Art was the common base of most of the topics discussed in the course. In addition, the course was only composed of women so I found it such a wonderful coincidence and I decided to suggest them to collaborate.

They are: Celia Arratibel, Beatriz Lahoz, Sara Sanz, Tere Moler, Juana Labiano and Marian Bustince. All aggree that only through education it is possible to unlock differences between sexes. The museum can be an important scenario to face the change that Ukrainian women need. Pamplona seems to be far away from Ukrainian reality but it is not because the struggle for equality is still a job to be done for everyone no matter where we live.

Aitziber Urtasun, Education Department at Oteiza Museum and ‘Art Today’ Course’s Professor (Pamplona, Spain).

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