Sponsor of July 2016 — Rede Museística Provincial

From Rede Museística Provincial we consider essential to understanding and to give visibility to gender diversity, as a necessary way to achieve excellence in art, culture and education. We have to make community aware to educate, sensitize and promote equality values in areas of culture and museums. To accomplish this objective, it’s indispensable to provide channels as necessary to enable or social dialogue, establishing cooperations with another institucions, professional associations ou social groups that share the same equality guideline. For this reason, when María (Pepper) Sanchez present us the #SaveGenderMuseum project in the III Congress of gender, museums, art and education, that we organize from Rede Museística, we wanted to support it in this very special month for us. The thirteenth of July Pazo de Tor celebrates 10 years as a museum, thanks to the donation of Mrs. Maria Paz Taboada de Andrés y Zuñiga. She gives us this building, the home of their ancestors for centuries, with one condition, to be transformed it into a museum full of life and history, as we have today in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra. Therefore, we thougth that the best gift to María Paz in this 10th anniversary would be to support a project that she surely would have liked to be part.


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