Sponsor of April 2016 — Nokton Magazine

At Nokton Magazine we believe culture gives value to everything around us. Nowadays, when some people insist on stopping us from getting to it, all the efforts must be directed towards regaining it as a right and as a common interest. Our team, built by six women specialized in cultural journalism, and an essential network of collaborators, has just reached three years with this as its main objective.

Currently, Nokton Magazine is the only Spanish website that suggests a low cost, yet quality cultural consumption, and informs about the initiatives that make this possible. Projects such as the one that has brought us here, of which we are proud godmothers.

#SaveGenderMuseum represents all that motivates us to work for an accessible culture. We have felt identified with it since the first moment we knew about it, and we are moved by the determination and strength of those who keep GENDERMUSEUM alive. Their task deserves our support but, above all, our gratitude.

We join their cause convinced of the worth of what they do, and of its importance not only in Ukraine, but also in every society where gender perspective stays in the background. Because of this, once April is over, Nokton Magazine will keep being a speaker, from culture, for women and feminism.

Picture by Iván Solbes

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