Sponsor of July — Semíramis González

My name is Semíramis González, I’m an art historian. I work as a writer, curator and blogger for contemporary art. I am also a feminist; and I point this because #SaveGenderMuseum picks, somehow, all my passions, everything I am.
So I wanted to make my small contribution to the museum remains open, because my feminist background has taught me a beautiful word, “sisterhood”, which involves other concepts as wonderful as partnership, trust, mutual authority and support . A lot of things remain to be done yet in Spain, but this isn’t a reason not to look at other realities that are facing desperate situations. The prosperity of a country can not do without equal, so that Ukraine is what its citizens want to be, so a space that reminds them of the importance and educate them equally is needed. Keep this museum opens is to keep alive the past and have a commitment to the future.

Semíramis González

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