Sponsor of July—August 2017 — fundraising concert

In May 2017, Isabel Gil García (Spanish musical mediator) took care of the organization of a benefit concert for #SaveGenderMuseum’s campaign in Madrid, Spain.

The concert took place in a little and cosy music hall named Martinez Bar, in city center.

All the musicians joined the activity to support the campaign. Their names are: Marilia, Gema Hernandez, La Chica Metáfora, Lui, Celia Bsoul, Paula Carrillo, Marta Espinosa, Victor Ordoñez, Laura Navarrete, Uxía Rodríguez and Esmeralda Bermudo.

At the beggining there was short presentation of #SaveGenderMuseum by María Sánchez, and during the concert break there was a colloquium with Marilia, Kateryna Palasnka, María Sánchez and Cristina Alonso (moderator), to discuss about women’s situation in music and into Spanish society, throw their different opinions.

All the tickets’ benefits were committed to support Kharkiv’s Gender Museum.


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