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The history of insurance in the world is linked to the solidarity of people in the face of a misfortune. In its beginnings it involved the distribution of risks as a feeling of mutual support without a technical or legal basis. For example, during Antiquity and Middle Ages stored cereals in the barns of the nobles that were distributed in times of scarcity. It was the times of the medieval guilds that lent mutual help in case of illness, incapacity or death.

Today insurance has evolved to ensure the right quality of life of an advanced society in anticipation of risks. In essence, they involve a contract whereby the insurer charges a premium with which it is obligated to pay compensation when an accident occurs.

In Spain, every hour 3,257 medical acts and health benefits covered by policies are made for 585,685 euros. And, also every hour of the day, 1.1 million euros are paid in Life insurance.

The insurance industry promotes the domestic savings of a country, protects family assets, Health and Life. And, according to the EPA (Active Population Survey), by the end of 2015, it generated employment for 156,500 workers.

However, insurance is complex and difficult to understand protection products. And this is where we turn our eyes towards the principle of initial solidarity incardinated in the insurance broker. Its only function is to look for a good insurance, with the correct coverage so that, in case of loss, the company responds by paying the compensation to which it has committed.

The way to guarantee a satisfactory outcome for the consumer is to rely on this independent specialist who stays by his side, during the term of the insurance, updating the coverages when changes occur. And, above all, that is defended, in case of loss, until receiving the compensation that corresponds to him. An insurance broker is clear and transparent because he explains the policies «as they are.» And it always stays with the customer before, during and after the incident. Insurance is always better when accompanied by the services of an insurance broker.

We are the soul and heart of your relationship with insurance

You are the reason for our work

Our MISSION is to listen to you and understand your insurance needs, seeking the perfect balance between savings and tranquility.

  • Qualification, specialization and experience of Our team.
  • We select your policy among the best companies in the world, we accompany you before, during and after hiring tailor-made insurance.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to find the best insurance for you.
  • High-level after-sales service.
  • We are independent and defend your interests.
  • We strongly believe that insurance is best when accompanied by our services.

We firmly believe that insurance is best when accompanied by our services.

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