Sponsor of December 2016 — Herman Garcia Minges

Herman Garcia Minguez S.L.U is an insurance brokerage company aimed at the insurance market in the form of entrepreneurs and private individuals and is part of #E2KBROKERNET, a national network of brokers.

Our mission

In the market insurance connected to our:
— experience;
— professionalism;
— independence;
— work format (focusing on the client);
— technological level;
— a business position.

These qualities allow us to work every day so that our services bring more benefits to the client, along with increasing the high quality of work and product.

We accompany you in all moments: from indicating your need, drawing up your insurance, to working with incidents.

We work as a professional, highly qualified team. Each client has a separate approach, a way out of any situation. Therefore, this month we decided to join the #SaveGenderMuseum campaign to save the GENDERMUSEUM and give a piece to its foundation. Because WE ARE BROKERS!

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