Sponsor of February 2017 — Juergen Pijahn

«I always have been taught by my mom that first of all we are humans. It does not matter if you are man or woman, fat or skinny, German or African, refugee or local, or what your skin color is I will treat you as human. And I also want to be treated this way.

Do you really think that we, men, always strong? No. I allow myself be weak. I hug, when someone is sad, and I want to be hugged when I am sad.

Do you really think that we, men, want to awake with that glamorous girls with makeup on their faces in the morning? No! We are real, we are not the ones from glance magazines. And I want to have real person near me, sleepy in the morning and in oversized t-shirt…

And, hey, I am the middleaged man and I also want to be objectificated as well!»

I support #SaveGenderMuseum because every human being deserve safety, food, clean water, possibility to get education and work. But not all people have this basic needs, because someone wants to owns resources. And it is hard time for Ukraine as well.»

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