Sponsor of August — 7H Coop

7H Coop supports #SaveGenderMuseum

7H is a non profit associated work cooperation in the field of artistic, creative and cultural industries of Galicia. Founded in 2015, its developing partners, convinced by the deep need of working as a community, bet on a cooperative approach with the aim to achieve a real democratisation of contemporary creations, as well as a profound dynamisation of the Galician cultural fabric.

The essence of Projects of Social Impact is to live its main value of cooperation in order to create a cultural, participatory and democratic community: an initiative where the sector’s clear commitment towards society becomes visible. As such, the project is open to all types of collaborations.

The production, realisation and development of artistic and cultural projects as well as the delivery of professsional services, go hand in hand with Projects of Social Impact: artistic projects in which prevails the social involvement before the economic interest. It is in line with the supporting framework of Projects of Social Impact that we had to support and spread #SaveGenderMuseum, a project which we discovered thanks to Maria (Pimienta) Sánchez. On April 7, we decided, in the extraordinary Assembly, by absolute majority to spend the first benefits of the cooperation to sponsor the Kharkov Museum Gender for a month.

Initiatives like this one make the world a better place: thank you for letting us be part of it!

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