Sponsor of September 2017 — students from China

GENDERMUSEUM is often visited by guests from other countries. They are activists, students and journalists from UK, Canada, USA, France, Spain, Korea, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Japan, Germany and Austria.

In February 2017 foreign volunteers were visiting Kharkiv in frames of the project «Feel Ukraine», whose main objective is to destroy stereotypes about Ukraine. Participants of previous wave of this project already visited the CENDERMUSEUM and they were very impressed. In current group were volunteers from other countries (China, Turkey, Indonesia). What they saw and heard at the Museum did not leave them indifferent. Among them Summer, a student from China, which initiated rising funds to support of the Museum. As short reminder GENDERMUSEUM is based in the part of communal flat and maintained only through the campaign #SaveGenderMuseum.

Summer said that she told about the Museum to her friends WeeChat and proposed them to take part in #SaveGenderMuseum (WeeChat is a mobile application, a cross between a messenger and social network). These people are also students, the same as Summer. «Some of them — are friends of my friends, some of them I even do not know! But it’s just great that they trusted me and decided to support GENDERMUSEUM!» — she said.

We sent them souvers — 40 envelopes with postcards, personal appreciation and 10 Ukrainian cents as a symbol of solidarity, because even a small contribution from each person helps to realize great ideas.

Thanks to such people as Summer and her friends GENDERMUSEUM remains open!

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