Sponsor of September — Nicola Mariani

My name is Nicola Mariani, I am a sociologist and work as a blogger and social media manager. I am a contemporary art curator and critic, writing for my blog and for other media I collaborate with. I am proud to support this initiative, since I believe it is fundamental to let worldwide public opinion know the existence of Kharkiv’s GENDERMUSEUM (Ukraine) and its extraordinary activities, carried out in extremely difficult conditions. As a man, I feel a special responsibility in relation to such a valiant and necessary initiative. Gender discriminations and inequality between men and women are the result of an unjust domination by the male part of the society on the female one. Men are responsible for this injustice and are the first who should act in order to change this unacceptable situation. The world I would like to live in is a world where men and women have the same (nominal and substantial) rights, the same (real) opportunities and the same (civil) treatment: a world where there are neither humiliation nor violence against women; where equality of conditions, dignity and mutual respect are as assumed as the existence of the day and the night.

Nicola Mariani

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