Presentation of VONA, the first video game about a Gendermuseum

VONA – “She” in Ukrainian – is a collaborative video game that arises from the union of Gammera Nest (a studio specialized in the creation of video games for museums) and the researcher María Sánchez (aka. Pimienta Sánchez) at Factoría Cultural. The intention when developing it is to build a virtual version of the Gender Museum (Kharkiv, Ukraine), making it ubiquitous and accessible to all people who have a mobile device or a computer. In this way, VONA disseminates the museum’s discourse and collection. The game invites reflection on identity, on the role of women in the family, and indirectly on the role of the museum as a physical (and also virtual) institution in processes of social change.

VONA is a multiplatform video game accessible from 0 to 99 years old and free, which wants to join the #SaveGenderMuseum campaign to prevent the closure of the only gender museum in Eastern Europe that is at risk given the current situation.

On the occasion of the presentation of the game, the following will participate in a round table: María Sánchez (creator of #SaveGenderMuseum), Clara Harguindey (design and communication at Gammera Nest), Ana Gómez (coordinator and documentalist at Gammera Nest) and Kateryna Palanska (mediator and translator). In addition, there will be a discussion with the audience moderated by Patricia Horrillo (journalist and coordinator of Wikisfera-Wikimujeres).


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