GENDERMUSEUM summary 2016

In 2016 GENDERMUSEUM was open only thanks to campaign #SaveGenderMuseum, which were founded by feminist and activist visual artist Maria Sanchez. During 2016 GENDERMUSEUM attended over 1000 visitors — students, representatives of non-government organizations, media, government, educational institutions, visitors from other Ukrainian cities and from other countries (Germany, Poland, Austria, Korea, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Czech Republic etc.).

GENDERMUSEUM became a project of the Centre of Gender Culture, which supported by European Endowment for Democracy. The Centre of Gender Culture hosted 4 GENDERMUSEUM exhibitions.

Project GENDERMUSEUM «Famous Kharkiv women» was represented in Kharkiv art-galeries – «Art of Slobojanshina» and «AVEC». By initiative and support of Kharkiv non-government orgnisation «Krona» GENDERMUSEUM exhibitions in project «Museum on wheels» have been seen around 2000 Ukrainian pupils. GENDERMUSEUM took part in the March of eguality in Dnepropetrovsk.

In November 2016 GENDERMUSEUM took part in V International Congress of Women Museums in Mexico by initiative of IAWM (International Association of Women Museums) and presented the exhibition «Making HerStory visible».

Our team thank to all those, who joined to our #SaveGenderMuseum campaign and help us to keep GENDERMUSEUM.

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