Sponsor of March 2017 — participants of the workshop for the creation of a video game for the Gendermuseum

In March, International Women’s Month, the Gender Museum is sponsored by the participants of the «Workshop for the creation of a video game for the Ukrainian Gender Museum». It took place in Madrid (Spain), at Casa del Lector (Matadero Madrid) thanks to the collaboration of Factoría Cultural School. During the afternoons of four weeks (Tuesdays and Thursdays from November 8, 2016 to December 1) the participants shared a space for learning, dialogue and reflection, working accompanied by several coordinators for the creation of a playable video game that, in turn, wants to make the Ukrainian museum accessible from anywhere in the world, especially due to the very particular difficulties that the center has. The workshop was held in parallel in Spain (Madrid) and in Ukraine (Kharkov), sharing the contents and results that are currently being used for the development of the game.

The workshop is an initiative of the Gammera Nest video game studio with the participation of #SaveGenderMuseum and the Gender Museum, and with the collaboration of Factoría Cultural. The result of the work process is being developed into a video game, later available for PC, smartphone and tablet. With this playful format, the aim is to explain, in different work sessions, the relevance of the Gender Museum in the socio-political context of Ukraine.

So in this International Women’s Month we would like to thank the participants of the workshop as with their help the museum will open during this month but what is even more important, we are creating the first ever gender video game!

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