Goodmothers of April 2015 — Kvinnofolkhögskolan

Kvinnofolkhögskolan is a feminist folk high school located in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden. The school is attended by adult women and transgender persons of different ages, with various backgrounds, goals and study habits. The school offers courses at elementary and secondary school level, feminist oriented courses and different thematic courses. All courses are taught from gender perspectives.

The school´s support association, Kvinnofolkhögskolans stödförening, supports the school in organizing open evening lectures and cultural events on gender subjects, open for the public. Members are former students, but also women and transgender persons in general who want to keep in contact and want to take part in different events. The association also supports different feminist projects abroad. The board of the association decided in 2014 to support The Kharkiv Gender museum in Kharkiv Ukraine, asking members to donate a voluntary sum of money every month to make it possible for the museum to pay the rent. Around 20 persons are now donors and have given different amounts of money. The board will try to get more donors, and also start supplying regurlalry news from the museum. Maybe in the future the assoziation can organize a study visit to Kharkiv.

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