Vuseum exhibits

Catalogue «Interestingly about gender»

The volume was created in 2010 with the support of «Women and Children’s Rights in Ukraine» project. The edition tells about the history and activities of the first in Ukraine and Eastern Europe Gender Museum — The museum of women’s history and history of women’s and gender movement and includes the exhibits that describe various aspects of gender topic: gender stereotypes, a wide range of gender issue, chapters on women’s history, etc.

It aims to address educators, trainees that work in the field of state gender politics, journalists and other various audiences.

Ukrainian female military shirt and tie with the clip.

Gift from the gender activist, major Nataliya Dubchak (Kyiv)

2. «Female euro» from Finland shows that worldwide the women’s salary makes up 75% from the men’s income.

Gift from the gender expert, feminist Tamara Martsenyuk (Kyiv)

Collection of Soviet posters that illustrate the women’s role in the Soviet society.

Strong gender stereotypes regarding social roles of women and men in the Italian society.
Embroidered apron (…- «the kitchen queen»)

Souvenir from Italy, 2008

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