WHAT IS #SaveGenderMuseum

The campaign was launched in 2015 to preserve Ukraine’s first and only gender museum in the post-Soviet space and in Eastern Europe — the Museum of Women’s and Gender History. Back then, back in 2015, the museum worked in a communal apartment. There was a war in the country. Prices for utility services were rising, so there was a threat of closing the museum. 

The creation of Gendermuseum was a private initiative of Tetiana Isaieva

And only thanks to the #SaveGenderMuseum campaign the doors of the museum remain open for visits for three years!

Later, in 2018 the Gendermuseum moved to the new big space with seeral big rooms and became a part of the Gender Culture Centre.

Today, when there is a war in Ukraine, the support of the Gendermuseum has become relevant again.

WHO ORGANIZES #SaveGenderMuseum?

María (Pimienta) Sánchez in Gendermuseum in Kharkiv after the campaign #SaveGenderMuseum

#SaveGenderMuseum is a project managed by spanish visual artist María (Pimienta) Sánchez within the framework of her European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Ukraine, in direct collaboration with Тatiana Isaeva (the museum director), and Mariya Chorna, museum designer, with many others who are voluntarily participating by assisting in the development of this initiative.

#SaveGenderMuseum is a project created in 2014 by Spanish Art Manager Maria Sanchez within the framework of her European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Ukraine, in direct collaboration with Тatiana Isaeva (Museum Director), and Mariya Chorna (Museum Designer), with many others who are voluntarily participating by assisting in the development of this initiative.

The #SaveGenderMuseum campaign culminated in creating of the computer game «VONA» under the direction of Daniel Sanchez, head of video game development company Gammera Nest. This company was the sponsor of the Gendermuseum in March 2017.


The videogame «VONA» is an initiative of the Gammera Nest video game studio with the participation of #SaveGenderMuseum and the Gendermuseum, and with the collaboration of Factoría Cultural.

The result of the work process is being developed into a video game, later available for PC, smartphone and tablet. With this playful format, the aim is to explain, in different work sessions, the relevance of the Gender Museum in the sociopolitical context of Ukraine.

The video presentation of the game «VONA»


Gendermuseum is the only museum about gender in the city and the country. The single museum in an ex-former Soviet government and the single Gender Museum in Eastern Europe.

We consider it essential to educate Ukrainian society about equality even in a time of great difficulty. It is necessary to bet on human rights for all genders. The fight in this war must address all fronts and education of the population looking for a change, requiring a minimum educational foundation to build a future.

The museum’s collection today has more than 4,000 different exhibits, which allow guests to see the process of gender construction on their own.


In January 2015 #SaveGenderMuseum started with the aim to help surviving this modest museum which would have no choice but to close its doors if it doesn’t get the help needed.

On February 24, 2022, the Gendermuseum was closed due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Kharkiv is under heavy shelling, and due to damage to civilian infrastructure, there have been blackouts for several hours. The Gendermuseum team is in evacuation.

In December 2022, we are again launching the #SaveGenderMuseum campaign to find new opportunities to support the museum during this difficult time.

Time is now.


Basically, given the circumstances of Ukraine, #SaveGenderMuseum is designed to receive international aid of any person, association, collective or group that can support the Museum financially in order to collect the rent amount monthly and maintain its space without losing any piece of the collection.

María (Pimienta) Sánchez with participators of the #SaveGenderMuseum

#SaveGenderMuseum is an international online fundraising campaign, willing to reach every corner of the globe with the help of all, to save this referral center.


Funds are needed to repair and restore the museum premises after the war and renew the expositions. Russia’s aggression in 2022 has dramatically changed the perception and context of the gender issue in Ukraine. The Gendermuseum’s mission is to collect and record contemporary living history and ensure that as many people as possible learn about this history.


We accept any donations via PayPal to accout with email address:


Sponsors of Gendermuseum in 2016

#SaveGenderMuseum invites people / groups that support culture, museums, art, history, education equality and equal society. Artists / managers / representatives / associations and cultural professionals, museum professionals, gender advocates and anyone interested, unimportant genrer. Any contribution is welcome and grateful for the museum team, which has already been working without getting any salary and maintaining the facilities by themselves.


#SaveGenderMuseum wants to find a host that would put down the monthly charge or raise the cost of a monthly rental of the venue; a total of €100 is needed. The person / group can engage directly with a financial contribution to cover the full amount, or join the campaign leading the collection of the month amount that would be under their name(s) to express our appreciation.


#SaveGenderMuseum focuses on an online web platform built as a hub and different profiles on social networks, to achieve the greatest impact in public combining with local actions to involve territorial diffusion.

A wide selection of graphic material is available on the web for download and use as a symbol of support for the campaign. Either direct support with a contribution or indirect, and also highly valued, helping in spreading activity.

Logos, banners, stickers, avatars, wallpapers and other materials are available to the public to download and disseminate. Paper piggy banks design, stickers, badges, posters or postcards to print at home to defend the initiative.

We intend to seek the commitment of society, international support, the involvement of the artistic and cultural community of museum professionals and anyone who wants to get involved in this cause.


You can support #SaveGenderMuseum helping with the payment of the full monthly amount or leading the campaign for the month collective in your environment, location, group and contacts. We respect all those who wish to do it anonymously, but the main idea is to create an international professional network of contacts linked to museums’ field, art and culture, with Social Media presence, in order to give them maximum visibility as possible with all tools available.
In this web and in the web of the museum itself, we will find a space dedicated to the person / group that wants to take over, sharing a small bio, their profiles, statement or any information considered appropriate.

All the info in: save.gendermuseum.com
Questions or suggestions: save.gender.museum@gmail.com